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2010. 01. 104th
+ Patent applications on TSV (Through Silicon Via) are on the rise

Patent applications concerning chips with 3dimension structure using TSV(Through Silicon Via), the core technology of multilayer semiconductor integration, are steadily increasing.


TSV technology is the one forming electrodes through perpendicularly penetrating a silicon substrate, which is the material of a semiconductor board, and providing signaltransferringpaths like the elevator of a highstory building, thereby having the effect of improving the evergrowing semiconductor circuit integration, operation speed, power consumption and manufacturing costs.


Patent applications on the TSV technology to develop the chips with 3dimensional structure reached 111 cases in recent 6 years (20032008), said the KIPO on January 10, 2010, which, starting from only 7 cases in 2003, have steadily increased with 9 cases in 2004, 10 in 2005, 22 in 2006, 24 in 2007 and 39 in 2008.


The filings by Korean applicants account for 63% of the total applications on the technology, which is relatively high compared to 32% by Japanese and 5% by US applicants but a bit lagging behind in terms of the initial efforts to preoccupy the technology because the applications have been actively filed only since 2006.  IBM and Intel are now applying the TSV technology in developing multiprocessing cored chips, and Samsung and Toshiba, who are competing each other in the field of NAND flash memory, are developing 3dimensional cells using TSV technology.


According to an official in the KIPO, since the TSV technology is young in its embryonic stage, and in that not many patent applications have been filed related to the TSV, domestic semiconductor companies have still room to take the lead in the field of the TSV technology, provided they pursue continuous developments of the technology.