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2009. 05. 70th
+ Introducing Unified Filing Form for Korea, US, Japan, and EP

Korean patent applicants will be able to submit translated specification of the Korean application to the Patent Office of US, Japan and EP as is filed with the KIPO without modification from January 1, 2010.

Accordingly, the burden of applicants of having to prepare specifications in accordance with the requirement of individual countries can be greatly relieved.

In the era of globalization, many applicants seek protection of their patent rights in many countries, and have to file with individual country for application of patent.  The formats of the patent specification, however, vary among countries and there has been inconvenience of repreparing specification of the patent for filing in many countries.  So there has been need for unified patent filing format, especially when IP5 countries, US, EP, Korea, Japan and China, account for 80% of world's patent applications.

The commissioners of Patent Offices of IP5 countries have gathered in Cheju island last October and agreed to introduce unified format of patent application for Korea, US, Japan and EP.  China also agreed to consider the introduction of the system.

As a followup of the agreement, KIPO is preparing to revise the regulation of patent law and has publicly notified on the revision of the law.  The new regulations will be put in force after the review of legislation authorities.

Unified filing format is expected to have a huge effect on the patent practice since the format should be prerequisite for all patent applications.  So the KIPO plans to first prepare needed network system and carry out the unified format system from January 1, 2010.