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2009. 11. 97th
+ Inventions on cleanser flood due to Swine Flu

Inventions on cleanser flood due to Swine Flu

More than 32 cases filed by the end of October, also rapidly increasing are cleansing devices

Patent and Utility Model applications on hand sanitizers and cleansing devices are rapidly increasing in Korea as the ongoing spread of Swine Flu becomes more extensive, the KIPO said on November 16.

Applications on this area have reached 47 cases from 2000 through 2005, and decreased every year with 23 cases in 2006, 18 cases in 2007 and 14 cases in 2008, but over 32 applications have been filed by October this year since Swine Flu became widely spreading.

In the field of cleansing material, most of the applications are related to antimicrobials such as alcohols to which skin moisturizer, herb, fruit extract, catalyst, coloring agent and odorant are added.

The cleansing devices to be filed for patent  include a device spraying cleansing material by detecting the approach of a hand, a ultrasonic cleansing device with builtin cleansing material, a device operating air shower with ultraviolet waves after spraying cleansing material, and an alarming device notifying sterilization every predetermined hours by using RFID(RadioFrequency Identification) technology.

There are some applications attracting our attention such as a cleansing and drying device which controls the amount of sprayed sterilization and drying time according to the sanitary conditions of a hand, a cleansing device having a sterilizing lamp, a cleansing device that displays ads during cleansing, and a device that only opens a door after hands are washed.

Various electronic bracelets for preventing sex crime appear

Electronic tracking devices (so called electronic bracelets) for preventing sex crime are drawing more attention recently.  The electronic bracelet locates a criminal by using a tracking device, consisting of an electronic receiver and transmitter, GPS device, communication network device and sealing device which function as a lock.

Recent electronic bracelet combines GPS and communication network technology for efficient tracking while old GPS technology only used a locating device.  The examples of available functions are tracking a moving path, notifying desertion when the object goes beyond a predetermined boundary, and sending SMS or notification when the object is out of the region of administration.

Among the tracking technologies, 214 patents on the combination of GPS and communication network technologies have been filed.  The applications only reached about 20 cases in 2003, but have been steadily filed since then with 18 cases in 2004, 36 cases in 2005, 30 cases in 2006, 47 cases in 2007, 43 cases in 2008 and 20 cases this year.  90% of the applications have been filed since 2004, which shows the rapid development of a tracking technology due to a new communication device.